Funerals and Memorials

Strength, hope and comfort...

...during a difficult time.



Ceremonies speak when words fail. When there is no way for mere words to express all the feelings welling up inside of us, ceremonies can take the place of words.

Having received my training from Doug Manning, the founder of In-Sight Institute, the ceremony I create will first establish the personal significance of the person who has died. We need to discover how important our loss is before we can grieve it. Next, we will establish the social significance of the person. That is what a funeral is all about. A funeral is a gathering of family and friends to establish the significance of a life. It is designed to say to the family that this life mattered to them and to the friends who were also touched by this life.

After meeting with family and friends, the ceremony I create will reflect not only who the recently departed was, but what they meant to us and what we will keep in our hearts and minds for the future. We will bear witness to their life and times, and express our grief, our hope, our wonder and our memories.


Funerals/Memorials $400, graveside service extra.